Every business owner should be reading (if you haven’t already) Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow.

It sort of captures the epitome of modern marketing, and encompasses what I believe to be the key to successful business building.

Just encase you haven’t checked it out yet, let me proliferate.

Consumers are way too bogged down by advertising and sales messages.  They encounter so many of them each day, that these messages are now largely ignored.  The competition for consumer’s attention is so fierce in today’s market place, that there is really only one solution: you have to be different.

And not just a little bit different…very different. You have to be a purple cow.  You have to exploit those things that make your company and your brand unique.  And if there’s nothing notable that makes you stand out from your competitors, then you better go back to the drawing board. Right now.

Business isn’t just about what people need anymore.  Most people have everything they need, and most of the things they want.  The game is different now.  You have to be unique.