There are many Twitter skeptics out there- I know, I was one of them.  But there’s no denying that Twitter has become a sort of superforce on the internet.  Everyone’s there.  It’s a thriving community of constant communication.  Whether you think Twitter is brilliant or not, you have to go where your customers are.  And they’re on Twitter.

Once you’ve realized the potential you can tap into by getting on Twitter, it’s important to understand how to approach it as a marketing medium.  While I’ve read a handful of success stories using Twitter to sell products or services directly, it is more effective as a “brand builder”.  Think of it as a way to get your name out there in front of your customers and prospects, create a brand reputation, gain trust, and build relationships.  The more people see you (and like what you say) the more they will remember you.  Make an effort to interact, start conversations, and offer helpful advice.  Even if “brand building” doesn’t pay off in immediate profits, the constant exposure will certainly pay off in the long run.

As a final word, here are some suggestions of valuable “tweets” to help you build that brand and those relationships (and, as the end result, your business)

-Articles or blog posts you’ve written

-Articles or blog posts you find interesting and helpful

-Tips and helpful advice related to your business or expertise

-Questions related to your area of business

-Promotions or sales your business is running

So, what are you waiting for?