The fact that you are reading this blog post indicates you’ve come to grips with the importance of the World Wide Web.  But, surprisingly, many small business owners don’t utilize the web to promote their own business ventures.

It has become a basic standard that consumers can find (at the very least) basic information about a company online before visiting or purchasing from that particular establishment.  Imagine the frustration a costumer would encounter when a Google search for your company turns up nada.  The most likely scenario is that this person will turn to your competitors (who have provided informative, enticing websites) for their needs.

Fortunately for you, launching your business into cyber space has become fairly simple and inexpensive.  A business owner can purchase a domain name and host a website for dollars a month (I use, and have been happy with the service).  You can hire a professional web designer, or use a simple web template program (that most web hosts provide) and set it up your self.

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, the content of your website will vary.  At the least, your website should provide the following basic information to your visitors:

-What your company provides to consumers (the services you offer, or the products you sell)

-Location information

-Hours of opertation

-Contact information

I suggest your study the websites of your competitors and make sure your website measures up.

Your website will be a virtual portal for your business.  Consumers can access info about your company at any time and share your web address with their friends.  It becomes a constant, world-wide, inexpensive marketing tool.