Your website is a vital part of your marketing plan.  Consumers are online, and they use your website to pre-qualify your business for their personal needs.  Here are 3 ways to make sure your website copy is pulling its weight.

1. Does the home page make your visitors feel at home? You only have a matter of seconds to capture a visitors attention- this is your home page’s job (the rest of the site is responsible for keeping a visitors attention after the home page has captured it).  The homepage copy should focus on your business’s most compelling benefits.  Say something amazing to make a visitor want to learn more.  Don’t put up a company history, a CEO biography, or list of awards your business has won.  This is all impressive stuff, but it won’t keep the attention of your flighty website visitors.

2. Your website should be all about your customer.  Just like your home page, your entire site should focus on benefits.  While each subsequent page after the homepage needs to focus on different information (perhaps product descriptions, contact info, business facts, etc.), all information should be presented in a customer-centric fashion.  For example: when presenting information about your company, don’t spurt facts about employee training and company awards.  Most consumers really don’t care how successful you are (harsh, but true).  Instead, they want to know how your expertise can make their lives better, easier, happier, etc. Tell them how your employee’s training will make their shopping experience less stressful and will save them valuable time.

3. Less is more.  The fewer words you use to make your point, the better off your website will be.  Visitors don’t want to read through large blocks of text (most of them won’t even try).  Sum things up in short, snappy sentences, and break up text chunks with graphics and blank spaces.  Also, be sure to limit copy to a certain topic on each page.  For example: store hours, location, and contact information on one page.  If you want to put up information about your products, create a separate page for that topic.