Business culture is obsessed with the Big Idea.  Many aspiring entrepreneurs are convinced their professional success lies somewhere in the yet undiscovered revolutionary idea.  A break-through invention, a brand new service, a radical marketing strategy.  Something that will shock and intrigue our material-saturated America.  Some individuals are so convinced that the Big Idea is the key ingredient, that they shove aside a truly viable business venture that they were once totally passionate about and instead invest their time in pursuit of the never-before-conceived company plan that will propel them to corporate stardom.

While there is no denying that brilliant new inventions and radical marketing strategies get attention and could bring success, it’s narrow minded to believe it’s the only worth-while business pursuit.

Ordinary restaurants, professional portrait studios, cozy cafes, and friendly financial consultants are writing their proverbial success stories ever day.  It takes more than a brilliant idea to create a successful business- you need passion, drive, commitment, and savvy.  A regular, ordinary business with all of these is in a much better position for success than a half-baked Big Idea.

If you’re passionate about your ordinary business idea, you have everything you need.  Ignore the myth that the Big Idea is the only idea worth pursuing.